Gilson Lubin

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Gilson is a St. Lucian born comedian who found his calling while studying Architectural Design at a community college. Upon catching word of live comedy existing in his reside city of Toronto (Canada), he took to the stage two weeks later and the rest, history.

It was inevitable that the culture he knew in the West Indies from the one in his new North American country would be the stage for a successful career as a comedian. Often reminded that the audience must relate rather than pity him would lead to saving truths about his outlook and Caribbean lifestyle he was still transitioning from in order to satisfy his new audience.

It would be a ruthless journey hidden with sacrifices, odd jobs and tough luck but equally supported and blessed by many experienced peers in his new industry. Gilson finally got the nudge he needed from one stranger in particular.

His stage time immediately doubled as did his comedic timing. Always one to remind folks that he is nowhere near as funny compared to the storytellers from his Caribbean roots, Gilson’s methodical growth began to show reward on a trip to Chicago with friends to participate in a stand-up competition. Of course, he’d be fortunate to win more because of his pleasant and often naive comedy routine stating, “I’m slow, but it works for me”. His reward upon winning the competition (Laugh Across America) was a free trip to Las Vegas to perform at an advanced competition against other winners from different American states. At the Las Vegas Comedy Competition, surprisingly he’d win once more. In this victory he found his calling, stand-up comedy.

The reward was proof of all his efforts and his accomplishment which lead him to new work with comedy clubs in Canada plus a Canadian Comedy Award. One year later, the comedian found a loop hole by entering Spike TV’s “Spike The Mic” competition which got Just For Laughs attention and landed him a spot on the Homegrown show. Sure enough, the Spike TV competition awarded Gilson his 3rd competition victory. His goal was never to compete for praise or to be the “funniest comedian” but to be able to travel around the world, experience new cultures and getting recognition by sharing his love of storytelling.

Sooner than later he had more experience under his belt, a career in television, film and stage blossomed. The comedian has since went onto other accomplishments including rave reviews in publications and has appeared on many other platforms such as talk shows and radio, boosting recognition.

Gilson has also appeared as an MTV host/personality/writer, on HBO, CBC, the Comedy Network, Comedy Central and many more.

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