Derek Edwards’ award-winning humour has made him one of the most in-demand comics in Canada. Identifying himself with the ordinary working guy, his comedic gift is making the ordinary extraordinary. Selling out concert halls across Canada, Edwards can also be found many evenings entertaining at corporate events across North America.

Edwards is the only Canadian winner of the prestigious Vail International Comedy Competition, is a two-time Gemini nominee, and has been nominated numerous times as “Best Standup Comic” at the Canadian Comedy Awards.

Edward’s numerous TV and radio credits include The New Red Green Show, The Debaters, Just For Laughs, Laugh Out Loud and CBC’s Comics.

Derek Edwards is currently touring Canada with his new show; “So Here’s the Thing” — A breath of fresh air, finely honed and relentlessly funny! Take a break from the world and settle in for a seamless glide over life’s troubled waters. Like the canoeist seated deftly atop his life jacket, with whiskey and pot cookies sealed in airtight containers, Derek Edwards has left little to chance in this polished comedic adventure.

They say, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” And like in a Hollywood movie when the fleeing hero has to jump off a cliff into a waterfall, and the bad guys say, “Nobody could have survived THAT,” then they cut back to a single hand reaching out of the rushing water, finding purchase on a floating log. Derek is like that Sodden Log! An island of stability amidst the frenzy. An oft saturated and not entirely stable respite from life’s turmoil.

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